Sunday, July 08, 2007

I wish you could hear what I hear.

Even if you aren't here, I shall think of you. I know you would feel the song if you'd let yourself.
Hear how youthful it makes you feel - because you are.

There's so much for you out there not because it is for everyone. But because your lines are special, as I've always known. As all those who could read them, always knew.

There's all this for you to conquer, sit atop with a touch of obnoxiousness. That we all would forget when you made us laugh heartily.

Remember- I am the brat.

Not you.
Wet grey stone steps flanked by overflowing pots of red flowers swayed with the gentle wind. The corners of her eyes creased with a smile at this sight.

She couldn't help but feel happy with such a simple picture postcard perfect sight that she didn't have to travel out of the country for.

She thought of what a luxury it was to vacation so often.

She could write a coffee-table book on what makes summer perfect. Then shook her head laughing inwardly at her idea.

She’d probably be the only one to read it anyway.