Sunday, September 10, 2006


There had been calm for a while. P'haps too long.

So the fire alarms were rung where no smoke arose. Panic -was necessary.

The shrill sounds mercilessly twang against metal. Pounding eardrums. Sending the heartbeat into an erratic frenzy.

She thought drinking from the yellow pool was a good excuse. To be deceitful.
To contemplate the forbidden.

To feign, the yellow instead of the clear, hazed up one's mind.

As if that was reason enough to push Them off a canyon into the sharp projections of the sword-like stones.
In a canyon so wide, one's voice never echoed for it lost its way , its sound.
So deep, one never heard boulders strike ground.

No, not even in thought was it justified.

Not when we had pricked our hearts and exchanged blood .

A promise bound.
Worn in lockets.
Above the pulsating muscled organ in our chests.

But now you see- the one in your locket?

Was the impure one.

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