Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The soft crystals of snow coated with frozen water. See how the day melted it into a shiny silk of ice.

The icicles that shiver at the wind's light caresses. This crispy night like a new page turned over. Which shall find us.


Come. Let's take our places.
In my cream chiffon knee length delight. In your silent black veil.

Will you look at me and sing? With your voice breezing over the sheets of pure water?

Would you slide your arms around my waist and breathe the poem you wrote for me?

Would you look at the delicate ice caves arching in their fluid beauty? From where the night shall glow in a transparent glaze of sparkle?

And pull me into your arms to a dance where our pride and ego shall claim victory?

But look.

Tis a been a night only in thought. For there comes the bright blazing ball.

Like a smooth silver magnesium ribbon meets air, so does my ice palace meet.

Tiny puddles of where princesses had once day dreamed.

For such are snowcastles in the day.


babelfish said...

You write once a month or less. It is not Nice. In fact it is Sad. Go write a book or something. At least I'll get to read you more often :(

Anonymous said...

Babelfish: *puts head down in Shame*

I shall update this week :)