Saturday, March 10, 2007

Riddle half-solved in the season of jasmine.

A trip had been taken and the passenger was unknown.

A Greek star across the sky.
A French blank expanse for a ground.

Two women got down gracefully. As phone calls went unanswered, waiting was paid no heed.

A director of Importance.
Who watched movies to further the skill of appealing to the public.
Even when sleep was scarce.
His routine he didn't skip on.
Even if phones went unanswered.
Even if wishes floated as he was too busy to catch them.
The director of Importance wouldn't let it be known of the passenger unknown.

The cluelessness further heightened.
The train was also kept a secret.

Alas! 'twas the mighty Internet age. A tapping of fingers and a delayed inspiration. Ah! Wiki-it!, thought the clueless one and chanced upon half the key.

A greek Star across the sky.
A french Blank expanse for a ground.

The answer , if you will, was caught between the lines.
The train is now known as is the ride.

We don't know which of the two won, 'tis a shame.
For this, afterall, has been our director's cruel game.

But the Director shall not tell.
For our knowledge means nothing.
To people of Importance.

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