Friday, August 03, 2007

Our days with Hazel

Floor to high ceiling glass panelled windows encased in a room of three quarters wooden panels in the clean lines of contemporary design.

Franctic studying alternates with exchange of whispers of childhood chance encounters in the hallways and buses [the joys of school buses]. Of innocence in reasons and logic. Combined laughter after sudden bouts of [one-sided] embarrassment hidden behind long locks of dark brown hair.

Of sticky notes organizing our anxiety of weeks to come [in moss green, mango ice cream orange, raspberry pink and mauve- the delights of Post It !].

Highlighters, pencil cases, binders, book-bags cellphones. The whiteboard still the most favoured, and fun, study aide.

Wrappers of food brought in discreetly. Hand lotions on feet, winter clothes to defend against the Evil of the library.

So much to remember so much to miss.

But the men of the kingdoms await or so the wish granting cow says.
So if you shall excuse me.

My summer is still booked and I'm feeling as happy as it is May.

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Pratik Shah said...

awesome :) really good