Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How I found my dream home

She took a turn and landed onto the hidden driveway of an opulent house.

The place had become chaotic without a visible mess. Was it the quiet of the now correctly aligned pieces? Or was it that the rearrangement couldn't undo the atmosphere?

It was May already and spring cleaning was long past. Then what were these sticky little cobwebs doing looming about where it wasn't their business to do so?

Past the well lit, freshly painted sprawl of the open concept main floor. A safe distance away from the noxious solarium, the cobwebs clung with might.

Someone had flung them here when she wasn't looking. The rascal, she thought of the unseen stranger.

What if her trusted confidante had false information after all? She hadn't seen the papers as yet so who knew if what the astrologer had said was indeed true or not.

But the day was still young. Very young actually.
She had enough time to drive to what may be the right location. Where the promised estate of magnificence awaited her.

She'd spent far too much time staring at the distinguished mansion of magnolia and sinister calm air. So she shrugged her shoulders and made a quick exit.

It may be a wild goose chase, she thought slightly wincing at the cliche, but she'd rather have the excitement of scratching out her bingo-card than walk into the unclaimed house to which nasty rumours clung.

Afterall cobwebs are laid out for prey.

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