Tuesday, May 01, 2007

No repeat of Ariel's mistake

Sometimes when my little wooden speedboat zooms ahead smoothly, I unplug the leaks myself.

Look at the yachts bobbing by in the distance. It grows more and more distant and my boat won't stop. I can't go back and hop onto a yacht instead of this one seater.

How did I miss the party?

I hear the clinks of glass, the mixed bubbles of chatty voices and laughter. Little black dresses and sparkles around the neck.

As I look back for my last few glimpses my hair whips into waves around my face.

If the boat sinks, who knows what wonders lie beneath the inky surface waters for me to explore?

Maybe the fishes will let me float past them into their world. Maybe the seaweeds will wave and corals will colour themselves more deeply. Maybe the dolphins will circle me playfully and the orca babies will leap into the air baring their teeth in glee with the delight of my attention.

But I'm not Ariel.
Help me find the corks to plug this again.

Maybe a party will float by me right now and lasso me in.

I hope this party isn't more than the invites I sent out.


....R.A.J.A.... said...

went over my head :-o

Anonymous said...

the water or the post? :P