Saturday, July 08, 2006

Child's play

Shiny locks
heartbreakingly naive
oh what almond eyes !
nay she isn't chinese?

Pink pouty lil heart
a sharp tip is such crowned
a nose so delicate
she asked to be thrown around

she speaks softly
this japanese doll
tiny petite - a shove,
now see her fall!

peals of laughter
oh what glee!
we pull her hair
we scrape her knee!

Hold hands now!
Circle around.
She stands alone,
As circles abound.

Not a tear shed?
For shame!
To a nun now,
we'll call her name!

Pride must fall
Ah! you see?
We'll keep this on
till you flee!

Skinny legs run
as greys swirl
Some blues blow
as bullies twirl


southpaw said...

And u played with the words again...:)

....R.A.J.A.... said...

sweet one :-)

Anonymous said...

southpaw : =)

raja: ermm sweet? *confused* ok:S

Surabhi said...

always loved this one..amazing work Dee!

Anonymous said...

surabhi: =) it's been a while!

AnJaka said...
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