Thursday, August 24, 2006

An Obscure One on One Wednesday

Take some water paints and colour me a wish.
Bring alive tufts of mossy leaves. And then step aside as I part.
Part these soft fragile bursts of summer. To let the mists pour through.
And sink right into them, lost from where you are.

And whence you wish-spill a bottle of oceans.
And I'll rise yet again from canvas.

But oh look!
Look above.
Sneak a peek at the clouds.
Today, these shifting mists?
Are mine.

Don't make me tap the impatient foot. Grab your skirts for we must run.
To catch the castle of 12'0 clock.
3 wouldn't and nor would 4, 12 it must be and 12'o clock it is so.

So for today, for now.... this?
Is enough.

Contract freedom is enough.


Nahuatl said...

Brilliant! I am running out of words praising your writing skills. :)

Sriram said...

I do hope some of that writing skills thingy rubs off on me. :)

And stop disappearing!