Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A pot of red

Let me show
This tree of red brick
It oozes slowly
But layers thick
It was Maple
In a summer green
Now of this expanse
It's the Bandit Queen
I seek a time
when it wasn't so
Will these bangles show me
I must know
Pick and hunt 'em
Wipe to see
Will they bring
What I threw carelessly
These bangles
Once of colour
Remain red
Despite the rubbing fervour
But you must believe
So come let's see
There's a red
Covering a mighty tree
Stand where I stand
And tell me if it isn't true
The tree in August
Is only of a red hue


Sriram said...

still playing around with the template, are we? Is this the final version?

Anonymous said...

have to fix template. my laptop is a widescreen so the settings are accordingly but I plan to change that so that it looks as I want it to for all of you guys [and girls]!

one who does not love BB anymore said...

acccha, ab poetry bhi likehgne...

To be discussed elsewhere.

deepak said...

...from where i stand...the tree has 2 a mirror image..looking in opp directions...besides being red.

this template is nice.


Agarwaen Mormegil said...

new template i see. nice looking, but the tree is a bit hazy. hehe....
and this ain't no incompletepoem for sure. hmm....will be back.

Anonymous said...

ptb: ji zaroor

deepak: =) you caught it! and thank you

agarwaen: twas a lot of work too!
Will be glad to have you return :)

southpaw said...

I'll still say i luuubbhed the earlier template more than this.

Manic Street Preacher said...

fall fall o mighty tree.
fall just for our "dee"

and oh you've been TAGGED!!
its a small book tag thingie. go to the dead poets society to check out how.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Yes, the season is slowly changing. Fall is around the corner.

Megha said...

so many new changes
i luv this template
n ofcourse ur post too:)


Hey...This is a nice poem thought I am sure there is more depth to it than wht can be perceived in a single read...The red tree did remind me tht fall is here, fall is here!! Even nature changes it colors I understand now...:)

Anonymous said...

southpaw: no sweat my friend september isn't far off for the next template change. Unless- I procrastinate. Again!

Manic street preacher: thank you and yes I shall get to the tag soon :)

jr's thumbprints: mmm

megha: welcome back and thank you

scribblez: :)

hkd said...

just browsing thru!! very well written!! cheers!