Sunday, August 27, 2006

A shirt worn as promised

There's a place where I've hidden from Them All all of what you've given me.

In the closet, under the stacks of many cards and photo albums, is a more precious pile of memory. Safely locked in the treasure chest.

Your many kindnesses.

I started cynically. Too many pebbles were needed to bring water up. Water-That seemed to not exist.
For one thirsty summer morning, at the unfortunate hour of 9, it had all been mercilessly pumped out and thrown into a barren desert for the sun to drink up while the naked Marasmus children watched.

The irnoy. For water to be thrown when it was needed most. The sun is p'haps just like a star. Thoughtless and self centered.
But the world still revolves around stars. Atleast- ours does.

But I threw them in. In a well kept under lock and key. Discreetly.

Revolutions later, water has risen upto where light shines and I'm astonished.

There's enough kindness to see - it's almost all you see.
And I've saved enough.

Enough to purchase happiness.



Chitrangada said...

Every time I read ur post ..I feel that in someway it related to me ..and i guess this is the best thing about ur writing ..:)

Hiren said...

Osho used to say that water has several wonderful properties. You are right-love and kindness can solve a lot of problems.

The Illusionist said...

I love the way you've dealt with it :)

Anonymous said...

chitrangada: :)

hiren: mmm

illusionist: thank you