Sunday, October 22, 2006

4 year long Imaginary conversation

Good conquered evil that we celebrate today. So we're told to remember. Remember to begin this new year, not just with lights around but within.

But sometimes there is good and nothing else. Does nothingness become evil?
Does it matter to know?

When the Good just stood by patiently. When they wrapped brambles around themselves and left petals for your feet. When they blew the cold winds that break homes away. When they stood by a man stabbed and dying, despite being a stranger.

It matters to know. For them to know.

There's us, we of the Nothingness. We're insignificant, our actions of no importance. Sometimes we too become a bit of You. But mostly, we're not the Evil that resides far yonder, but the nothingness in between that makes our existence pointless. For atleast Evil stands beside you and startles us with a reminder of who You are.

For atleast Evil challenges You.

But sometimes Nothing also can contrast with You. Because those of us who lie in what Does Not Exist are only too painfully aware of what Does when we see You.

You. The Good.


rossoneri said...

interesting thoughts...

Anonymous said...

four year long imaginary conversation. a beautiful n unforgetful conversation