Friday, October 13, 2006

An Early Winter

You would know.

The softness of the snow as it plops on the ground withsuch gentleness.
Stretch out your arm and it tingles on your palm. Before it disappears like soap bubbles.

Do you smile?

And yet snow too turns ice.

All there is, is a chill. A chill. Suddenly.

Because the Snow Queen had sent her messengers knocking at your door. Do you hear it?

It hits you as you look around for the softness that seemed to be.

For the cottony stark white that would innocently cushion you as you lay in it. Sink onto itself and let your body mark it. Let your limbs press it against itself. So when you get up abruptly and leave it too lies in wait. Let's your body's imprints lie on itself.

And maybe if you'd stopped, turned around, you'd have seen the purity you'd vandalized.

But you forget that it lies. Outside.

Your mistress they say!

You were to be bethrothed. In the cologne that still clings to where you lay, in the carelessly strewn hair gel, aftershave lotion on the marble counter, lie these signs of wedded bliss.

Till the bliss hissed into the air and stung you like a sharp fanged cobra.

Maybe a mistress was just who she'd been

So snow fell upon snow. And snow fell upon ice.

Ice that you stamped out of your shoes and discarded in the shoes you left strewn around carelessly in the blue collar of the house.

So the snow upon snow, the ice took your leave.

It now trickles, empties out of your sight. You don't even of the rivulets that pack their bags in quiet dignity and leave.

She shuts the backdoor softly quietly.
She walks down the sidewalk without a noise.
She doesn't awaken you in the morning.

She leaves your coffee brewing in a cold heated home.

It sleeps by your side at night.

Lets you straighten your back and your muscles untense.

It lets the fight leave you. Then awakens before dawn, puts on a snow white coat and tiptoes out.

it walks down the sidewalk. And your house is in perfect order. Till you find a note scrawled in black cursive ink.

Winter had come to an end. But now all that remains is a sudden chill in the air.

It walks down the sidewalk. As it leaves you.

She leaves you without a word.

And a sudden chill snakes into where the snow melted from.

Winter had ended.

But you'd been left with a cold shoulder.


HB said...

Haven't been here in a while. I really liked this one :)

Taruna said...

i really like your writing!!!! we were in the same class!!!!