Saturday, October 07, 2006

A picturebook

Waterdrops oval elongated.
Pure, musical.
Vibrating, resonating around us.
Sit by my side right here.
Soak in your feet.
At the edge where I sit.
Where my naked feet gently ripple the calm river.

It's a story book illustration isn't it?
What story would you like to be today?

Take this easel.
Paint me relief.
Charcoal me in.
Use your fingertips.
Smooth the lines.
But you say you can't draw.

It's a storybook illustration.
Let me show.

The sun in the mirror.
A careless pile of hay.
A red barn door.

Breeze whistling through.
Grass swaying to the whistle. Holding hands.
Leaves gently bowing.
Where we sit.

It's a perfect illustration isn't it?
I know what story I want to be.

So here.
Take this paper.
Write me a poem.
Let your assurance be the metric.
Let my silence be your rhyme.
Dedicate it to Future.

It's a a perfect storybook illustration today.
We're in it.


Sriram said...

And now we are off murdering folk? :D

Sriram said...

Morbid, but just the way we like it. BTW, can I have a go at the court jester though?