Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Have you ever seen a picture, a beautiful one and thought that you really can't bear to see it?

Because for all it's beauty there may be something in it that is extra. Or missing.

A picture that may have brought smiles once upon a time not too long ago. But nostalgia reminds you of what was in the picture.

The home, the people, the family in it, the plants that made the garden, the pool that became a childhood weekend habit.

Each bit of that memory so precious- of what was. And just one missing element. One missing tree.

One missing person.

Is all it takes to make the beautiful picture land in the bottom-most drawer of the corner-most chest of drawers.

To collect dust over what once was- to forget, for it is no more.


Z said...

wish it was that easy to forget things...i mean sometimes somethin which u love the most can become the source of the greatest pain in ur do u forget that?...BEAUTIFUL...u did it once agian...gosh i dunno how u do it Dee but u r awesome...not just writing...u r awesome overall...

HB said...

i wasnt drawn to this as much as i am drawn to som othr pieces, but thn again i havent felt a loss of a person deeply, so that might make me biased. but i liked it nonetheless

Anonymous said...

Wow hun I didn't know u could write like this...I loved this one I wish I could copy paste and have u sign it at school.....damn mebbe I will do that! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Z: :) :)

HB: Maybe you're right. Sometimes empathy can only arise out of experience.

Anon: Very flattering you are m'dear!