Tuesday, January 10, 2006


We'd laughed over your exaggerated description of them.

I liked how carefree you sounded. Like you once did - when there hadn't been a collapse, a weak heart and deceit.When you were careless, easygoing, laidback and so boyish.

A smooth talker when you wanted to be - or was it only around me? Yeah that's what I like to think in my world.

My silent world where I do the talking. I write the scripts for our dialogues. For our conversations. Where I put the words in your mouth.

I feel my wings once again and I see myself fly into the wind outside my window. I'm no longer me. I'm back in my silent world waiting for you to speak what I tell you to, to do what I want you to.

But you don't hear what I say for my words are clear and my desires are in a mute.


....R.A.J.A.... said...

loved it

Anonymous said...

Thank you

Summi said...

oooh, i LIKE

Anonymous said...

Summi: Thanks! Glad you dropped by.