Monday, January 16, 2006

This time

Haven't you ever wished time would take a hint. Freeze when you thought, " Nobody move. This is perfect".

Wished that you could stay longer in a moment.Wished that the earth would stop rotating. The planets would stop revolving.

For us to be suspended in this moment. Just a simple pause.

Wished for a comma in your life. Because commas can make the full stops seem farther away than they are. Because commas in your life can let you forget that your end, someday, is eminent.

Wished you could freeze these people that come and go in your life. Wished they would remain as young, as content. As far away from their own ends.

Wished that full stops didn't exist. Because they conclude stories. Stories that you don't want to end like bedtime tales when you were young. You'd rather keep hearing them, keep playing them than be put to sleep. Forever.

Because full stops mean goodbyes. Saying farewell to your stage, other characters in this play of yours whom you've grown with. Without whom the story just wouldn't be yours.

Don't you wish this time was more friendly.

Wished that you could chain it. Fat chains that bind it in place, holding it tightly.
To lock it like that and throw the key far away. Into space, far enough to be lost in some corner of the expanding universe.

Never to be found again, never to be unlocked again.

To let this moment, just be.


Z said...

OH how I wish Dee!

HB said...

i like the comma and fullstop analogy :)

....R.A.J.A.... said...

I love the way you write - very short and apparently incoherent paragraphs which makes the thing almost like a poem. Only, a lot better

Anonymous said...

Z:I think most of us do at some point :)

HB:Thanks. Clueless Fox said the same thing too.

Anonymous said...

Raja:Thanks a lot and I noticed you linked me and I am very flattered :)

manu said...

That is so true...Sometimes we just want to freeze the moment right there and i guess we even do....even though life moves on, it takes us a while to move on because we are still stuck wit h those moments....moments that are so special that we dont want to accept the fact that they have passed....I truly wish i can hold this control over time and let it rewind and fast forward as per my cool would that be !!

Anyways i got a little lost there...But excellent work again !!!

You make me proud :)

Anonymous said...

Manu : :)