Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Holi hai!

Surya ke ujjale par
Jaage sab parivar
chalo purane kapdon mein
hon sab taiyyar

Ghanti baje Ma bhaagen
Layen who thali mein anek rang
Gulaal se swagat Karen aur kahen
Aao khelo holi humare sang!”

Aayen sab
bua phupa tauji taiji didi aur dada
aayen mama mami mausi mausa
Aur bacchen jinka ka kadd hai aadha

Pichkariyon ke naye packet
kholen hum jaldi jaldi
fir har jann ko dekh humne
vaar kiya bharke paani

shaitaan ka bhes liye
phenke rangon se bhare gubbare
pakden jaayen toh
humein pahunchaya baigani paani mein

Bandar lagen hum sab
Rangon se puta huya chaupta
Khaayen hum mathri, khasta
Aur Garam garam gujiya

Samachar patra, chhitthi
Kaagaz aur puraani lakdi
Liye sab ka dhher
Jali humari holi

Puraanas kabhi hum paden nahin
Katha sunayen Dadima Nanima
Hiranyakashyap aur uska bhakt beta
Bach gaya jo par jal gayi holika

Chhut gaye woh din humse kaise
Na saath hain baba dadi aur nani.
Rang, mithai, parivaar aur khushi,
Yaad aati hai humein aisi Holi.

Happy Holi Everyone
p.s. i know i can't write kavitas but well i felt like it. If it helps, I won't be writing them a lot so good for you all!
p.p.s. Desipundit linked me! :O- For all those who came here via their link, ermm please do scroll onto other works. This is not something I am very proud of really. And please try to overlook my inability to write well in my own language
*embarrassed look*


HB said...

Happy Holi!

Anonymous said...

HB:happy holi to you too:)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Happy Holi!
And I must commend you on kavitha writing!
writing poetry is hard enough in itself....let alone the kavitha.

Anonymous said...

Megha: Happy holi!!

Thank you. I feel like writing in hindi nowadays coz I miss it a lot. Hence this.


Z said...

Happy Holi Dee! And good job on the kavita. But I must say...that I miss those days too when it was with family! On a brighter note...I did not even know but our school has a Hindu Student Association and tomorrow(March 15)they are holding a holy thing...they had it today but not a lot of ppl showed and they have bins full of colours so u might just wanna show up tomorrow...lemme know...

Anonymous said...

Z: Happy Holi:D

Yeah they're really new and just 3 freshers at that.

And what I ADORED about them was, when I met up with them and my ISA position came forth and then my 3rd yr status, they were :O:O [aww i miss those days when it was ME going:O] anyway and one of 'em goes :O"Then I really must show more respect than i have"[and he had been very respectful this whole time] and agreed to what i had in mind[since i had a quiz right then and was running late and they had to make an exception for what i was asking]

I LOVED that- I felt like I was back in my Indian school in Dxb. Just very cutely good Indian bacchas =D

Yeah I think ill try to come in tomorrow. what time?

Z said...

sorry Dee dunno the exact time...today it was supposed to b at 12...so...guessin the same time...

Anonymous said...

darn i have a class at that time again :S

....R.A.J.A.... said...

Happy Holi :-)

Anonymous said...

Raja :holi ki rangeen shubhkamnayen

p.s. the one if you read this please ignore!

Mannu said...


Happy Holi :)

Anonymous said...

mannu: aapko bhi holi ki hardik shubhkamnayen :)

that girl in pink said...

happy holi dee! that poem was a valiant effort. well done :-)

i can understand your missing hindi. used to happen to me in blore earlier. now of course there are so many north indians here, i wish they'd just go back!

anyway, hope you had a nice time.
rang barse and all that!

the One said...

Nice, very nice.

*pointedly ignores Dee's greeting-style, as requested*

Anonymous said...

pink: haha i can't wait for that to happen. I just keep hearing punjabi!

The one: thank you and thank you =D

confused said...

Actually this was a good one.

Very nostalgic and yes very true too.

I miss too.

I know you will probably never get around to reading this comment-but I really liked it.