Saturday, March 11, 2006


We spin and lead our lives in pursuit of more and excess. This greed which is our gravity which keeps us pinned against these walls of the world .

Our artificial gravity for our feet no longer touch the ground.

But its going too fast, don't you see?

I feel it press me harder. It's too fast. Too hard. Make it go slower Ma, I can't see. I can't feel.

I can't breathe.

For the greed which lies at the core of this world is going too fast for us to withstand it.

For greed is the new centripetal acceleration.

And it's spinning the world out of control.

Note: Picture artificial gravity from your grade 11-12 Physics text.


the wannabe indian punkster said...

For the faster it goes,
the faster you go to keep up with it, and soon you realise that you are spiralling out of control,
but you cant stop it, nor will it let go of you.
And thats where the world is today.

....R.A.J.A.... said...

Nice one dear. You are back on track :-)

Anonymous said...

Megha: Indeed it is.


Surabhi said...

nice one Dee! likhte raho! =)

Anonymous said...

Surabhi:thanks for the encouraging comment Surabhi:)

Mannu said...

It seems like we arent controlling our lives anymore but its the world and this 'fast' life thats controlling us all...the greed, the want to be 'better n better'. I dont know where all this is headed but surely some day when we will pause for a second to look back on life, we will realise, There really wasnt a life !!

Good work Dee, I know exactly how you feel on this !!!!

Mannu said...

Megha...I love what you said !!! esp. 'nor will it let go of you'

Surabhi said...

seriously Dee! you write amazingly well..keep it goin' gurl! =)

Anonymous said...

Surabhi: =)