Thursday, April 20, 2006

Edging towards the finish line

Her supply of paper is getting over. The ink has started to dry.
Soon her words will be empty impressions on paper. But she's not worried.

She had known the inevitable.


Demi Goddezz said...


Nahuatl said...

Words are never empty.. if they are used in nice way. :)
And I am sure your words will always have the gravity to pull the memories back... only if you want to.

confused said...

So she ran out of paper and shifted to a new space? :)

Anonymous said...

Demi goddezz:)

Nahuatl: You freak me out. More of that on msn =)

Confused: Oh no no, she's still very much here as well. The other space will be true work and we know I'm quite lazy =D