Friday, April 28, 2006


I'm my past, present and future.I'm never only one but probably all at most times.

So my space was bound to get crowded. And it did.

But it's been tidied up again, the skeletons have been brushed back into the attic for closets are no longer private.

So I'm back.


Anonymous said...

And while we were overwhelmed with the tidying we had to do, it helped to have read the mails, comments and msn messages from y'all. Thank you all for taking time out to do so.

Some of you put in more than your fair share *ahem*

Some of you felt a bit hesitant but mailed away regardless just to make sure....... :) thanks my friend and I maintain I have no pigtails.

confused said...

Welcome back and all that.

Sorry, was busy so did not notice you were not around.

Anyways, hope everything sorted. Stick around now. Ok?


Anonymous said...


good one Rohit.

Should we duel it out now then?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

belcome baak! We dont have any contact, so I missed you horribly!....
hyuk hyuk hyuk..........:D

*dives underwater, and starts playing with her new-buddies, the fishies *

Anonymous said...

Megha: you know you can't play with fishies forever *glares*

Surabhi said...

yay! welcome back! =) Hope you're feeling better!

....R.A.J.A.... said...

kya hua tha? :-o

[btw, who'll reply to my mails, HanumanPrasad's granny? x(]

Anonymous said...

surabhi: ji :)

Raja: kuch khaas nahin. hanumanprasad ki granny ki hindi aapke liye kuch zyada hi katthin nahin hogi?Isliye hum likh denge:P