Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Snip Snip Snip
Our delicate red threads

They recklessly cut and pick
Like wrists without kalava*
Faith didn't cease
To tie us together
Cotton strings we didn't need
Said my mind
In my mistaken thought

Now you pass me by
Like strangers we always were
As They wanted us to be
But there was a time, loved one
When you and me
were more than just

forgotten blood

*kalava= thin red thread tied on the wrist of the right hand after the performance of a havan, prayers said beside a Hindu sacrificial fire, for all those present


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it isn't the medium or style used but the expression in itself. That's my way of saying overlook my (in)ability to write poems. No I'm not fishing so don't feel obliged to like it, save it for something that truly is

Keshi said...

**But there was a time, loved one
When you and me
were more than just forgotten blood

I can relate this to even another life...another blood...

Good one Dee, beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Keshi: thanks :)

Nahuatl said...

I liked this post.. coz it caught my eyes first :)
Still have to through rest of your posts :D
Nice work! :)

Anonymous said...

Nayan: You are most kind :) Welcome

confused said...


That was a good one! Serious!

Now stop being so goddamnd have the ability to write poetry..

''forgotten blood''


Goes and buries his head under the sand, feels so bad he can write one decent line...

confused said...

That was ''cant''

Feels even worse, he cant write one sentence without a typo..

Anonymous said...

Confused: ahahaha

But you forget - making people laugh is much more popular art -especially as a professor [which you may end up as]. I mean, wicked professors [to-be], such a rare breed =D

Anonymous said...

is a*

oh look i can't type either *high fives confused*

the wannabe indian punkster said...

as a person who zimbly cannot write poetry,
I must say that I will be first in line to buy your poetry book!
And I will 'spend' money for it, instead of wheedling out a free copy from you!


Agarwaen Mormegil said...

I don't know whatto say. Me not a freakin poetry intellectual, but this is brilliant, I must say.
Goes to show if guys like you publish poetry book [as Megha says], the current professional poets will have a hard time paying for theor health insurance.
thanks for defininf *kalava*. Didn't knew that.

confused said...

Even you cant?

May our tribe spread!

Right now I am struggling with my ''wicked Professors''.

I am not so funny, the only person I like making fun of is myself...on the rest ...

I pour ridicule and scorn!hehe

Wicked sure..

p.s I wont buy your poetry book. I want a free copy. I am pretty

oops, gotta run-class

Anonymous said...

Megha: ahaha =D

Aragorn: welcome! Glad I could help out and thanks =)

Confused:haha I can't promise much simply because I don't want to be a Sheikhchilli =P Yesyes may our tribe spread far and wide !

Nahuatl said...

Megha: You are quite materialistic!! Now I know! :P

Thanks Dee for the welcome! Hope someday I would be able to welcome you too :)

Anonymous said...

if this be your first poem then youa natural born poetess, just don't go the way of sylvia plath

Anonymous said...

Dee... i call my sister that!
lovely poem, splendid
lovely site by the way