Saturday, April 22, 2006

When Strangers Dance

Oh let's bow
a friendly stranger
'twas a delight
You and I
We floated on
Uncaring free kite
You and I
A light journey
We'd prophesied
Oh no we musn't
stagnate a second
Lest the flames alight
You and I
Know their eyes shall remain
You and I
We've twirled back
back to a bend
Oh we'll meet
meet yet again
for such is this parting
You and I
We'll twinkle our eyes
We'll say a greeting
You and I
We'll forget names
despite cards we're exchanging
Oh it was to be
For such are
chance meetings
You and I
Our dance shall
Shall remain unbeaten
You and I
Our dance had to
Had to find this end


Nahuatl said...

You and... eh.. who?? :P

Nice one... for him! :P

vikRAM said...

Chance pe Dance.

Nice one, and congrats for the job.

Sriram said...

wait.. is there an under-current that I'm seeing or is it just me?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

ohhh ohhh...and does this ummm 'you' person share the same feelings as well?

hyuk hyuk...

* dodges things thrown at her by deepali as she sprints away*

And yes. New post is up.

confused said...


Beautifully done!

Your best so far.

I feel for you!

hB said...

i love it,

sweety_pie_rims said...

COOL !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nahuatl: galat samjhe :)

Vikram: Thank you and thank you.

Sriram: What do your instincts say?

Megha: We'll get to you too

Rohit: Need I say anymore? :)

HB: :)

Sweet pie rims: thanks and welcome :)

Smoke said...

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Guitar Master said...

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