Sunday, June 24, 2007


Is there something wrong with someone if they make separate notebooks/journals for mundane things like 'daily to do list' or 'why my life is more interesting than yours'?

I suppose I'm only asking to dispell this nagging doubt that this may be a problem that manifests into something that leads people to collect garbage because their liking for owning different kinds of stationery blossomed into owning different kinds of garbage.

You know the kind of people whose husband/children/siblings call on the reality shows about throwing away your clutter and creating space in your house to make yourself a happier person. Which is simple logic because you are happier if the former stops nagging you about all the junk you refuse to throw.

Which is a problem because I wanted to be the one who makes a living out of telling people to throw away their stuff and goes crazy with shelves, hooks, hangers, cane baskets, post-it notes in all sizes colours and functions, ribbon stands, coat racks, shoe racks, handbag organizers and all such lovelies to super-organize someone else's closet.

And breathe happily because an organized closet makes the world a much more peaceful place.

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