Saturday, June 09, 2007

Return of a favourite item on the menu

As is usually the case with a blog post, it is an unearthly hour in this part of the world.
The back is whining and not being paid attention to only makes it scream. It's a bit unbearable and shall be shushed up soon.

But right now, a cool breeze blows bringing relief into the night of a hot humid day. We're not very far from being Delhi right now (of course I am exaggerating ).

Iit makes me wish for a walk down to the village for a bite of Osmow's shawarma.

A spicy bite and many more seated on a wooden bench near the square.
Where the children, youth and adults congregate with waffle cones and cups of homemade ice cream dribbling onto the huge slabs of concrete that make the sidewalk a strange assortment of sweet smelling thread paint designs that makes summer longed for.

It makes me wish for the wind to gently wrap its fingers around my hair while we spend another night not noticing the stars as I let my head relax and eyes close briefly taking meditative long breaths.

It is difficult sometimes, to notice stars, when you're not on the 26th floor of a highrise facing the lake which hogs your daytime view as it changes into all the shades of blue on Benjamin Moore paint cards.
To not have the luminous night sky unfold in front of your solarium and transport you to the view from a Star Trek enterprise. The view of a vastness of the universe you'd never known to have existed. That glitters shyly with a smattering of stars as it hides many exciting worlds inside .

I miss feeling that awe sometimes.

Did I tell you of the many months we spend not seeing the stars?
Sometimes because we can't.
Sometimes because we've forgotten to notice it.
How odd it must sound. It sounds foreign as I write it but maybe that too will change.

but when it changes, will I have the courage to stand boldly in front of the tall bay windows that envelope the room?

To tell the moon our romance was over several transatlantic flights ago. For even if he was near, his glory is not his own.
The stars soothe my eyes still and maybe we can renew our affair this fall.

I am hopeful.

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