Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Short Story: Mimi and her

"You missed out", she said without looking away from the window she was staring out from.

"And that would be because?", said Mimi as she collapsed on the day bed.

" It rained endlessly with wild sharp splashes against the windows.

The clouds grumbled and steadily moved in their large bulky selves. Over our picturesque little neighbourhood perched upon a hill, above the rest of the city.

It felt like we're an isolated line of few houses. An island of people in the midst of a vast uninhabited land, the sole reciever of the monstrous clouds' thundering tempers."

"Mmm. It was a lovely afternoon."

"But I loved the slate colour that spread into a greyish blue with a light metallic sheen. A colour that looks gorgeous on silk curtains."

"Try it for your new room then?
But that isn't what this is about is it?"

"It is so difficult to step out of circles"

"Nature likes to be cyclical"

"Sometimes it is a punishment"

"Which is why you're stepping out of it"

"I don't wish to"

"You know it would be so much more easier if we weren't a higher order of species with complex stimulations in our brains that have the capacity to act beyond our natural instincts and survival.

Where the meaning of happiness and contentment isn't in a good kill or meal, isn't in a roof above our heads when the weather becomes unfriendly or in mating and being able to pass on your genes. Where they become as complex as our brains and the neural stimulations within them, the hormones that go through crazy paths to make us feel the way we do."

"And yet, it is us who can sit down to appreciate a natural recurring phenomenon of rain. Maybe being complex isn't so bad"

"You're joking right?"

A light sigh escapes her lips.
Her eyes look out as the drooping sun shines a spectrum of heavy yellow onto her face. The colours illuminating the brown of her dark eyes.

"These turn the same colours every year around the same time Mimi. The winds, the rains. The snowfall, the storms. Spring, autumn and monsoons. It happens every year much in the same way with little variations.

Yet they all come back to see our open arms. Maybe not the tornadoes and hurricanes. Or monster amounts of snow to be shovelled off the driveway in the chill of minus 35 at 6am before a final exam.

But maybe we do have to be complex to appreciate what is cyclical, what returns every year."

" Well, the goldfishes also delight in the 'newness' of the world they keep learning every 4th second", Mimi said making a face at her.

She throws back her head to laugh even if it wasn't as funny. " I don't feel like I've stepped out of the circle", she said as the creases of her smile left her face, laugh lines quietening down.

"Must you? You don't wish to afterall"

"Happiness is much too complex to be found with simply following this wish."

"Your own wish."

"Yes my own wish. But not my only wish"

"You just contradicted the point I made with an air of importance", Mimi said making a face again.

"Let's treat my definition of happiness as an outlier then. No such thing as 100% probability anyway."

"But one drawback is enough to nullify a theory in sociology!"

"That would not be counted as sociology Mimi!!"

"If this was a story, this would be the point the readers would mentally chalk me down as a Valley Girl"

"No they wouldn't.", she said laughing easily now.

"An excerpt is rarely informative enough. Besides, everyone is entitled to have their own blond moments."

"I'm grateful I was too Indian to consider Philosophy as a field of study in university.
We'd have failed miserably. And then we wouldn't even be good enough to be married"

"Well we're a bit late for that. We no longer get an education in order to be married well."

"Oh right. I had the wrong South Asian population in mind. My bad."

"You're awful!", she said laughing loudly.

"That's yet another reason to not be called 'desi' ", she said playfully carrying in on Mimi's thought.

"Let's not begin on that. It gets me riled up for no reason."

"Yeah let's not. It was a lovely afternoon.

For now, that's enough."

Even if our characters can't philosophize..

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