Tuesday, December 13, 2005

55 - Alvida

The tickets to Toronto had arrived.

"kabhi alvida na kehna" he had crooned in front of all their friends. All gathered to say their goodbyes.

Him and her- best friends forever.

A tear slipped out of the corner of her eye as she watched the oceans come in between.

She would be back.

For him.


Z said...

Makes me wanna breakdown n cry...:'(

HB said...


Anonymous said...

Z: Its not meant to end on a tearful note.Maybe its exam stress ?

HB: =D

Anonymous said...

She would be back.

For him.

That's what all think when coming to Toronto. Time changes everyone and everything

Anonymous said...

Anon: It's open to interpretation even if that wasn't what I had in mind :)

Ria said...


Anonymous said...

Chi: These are mostly works of fiction though inspiration maybe derived from experience

DesertRose said...

She would be back indeed. :-)
...Just with a deeper love and an abyssmal compassion this time.