Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mehendi memories - Part 1

Droplets of sweat caress my brow, speckled with creamy white chandan. Black sequins adorn the wine red lehenga, sparkling in the inky fluid night. The mehendi annoys me as it circles and flowers my hands and I remember.....

..... we were young once again. Mehendi was mud meandering on my palms. Or so you'd said as you smashed my palms into each other and laughed. Boys can be like that.
I cried.
I couldn't go to Mama's wedding like that I had said. All the girls had beautiful mehendi and I was left with ugly filthy looking hands.

"What if Mehek Mami notices them too?", I asked with fresh tears sliding across my plump cheeks. Was that a look of regret that passed your face? I couldn't tell. 7 year olds can't read faces very well you see. You grabbed the nook of my arm and made me wash my hands.

"Yaheen ruko aur hilna mat. Theek?"*

What is that you were holding on to as you ran back to where I stood in the aangan- a sketch pen?
"Yeh kyun? "** I ask with a frown wondering if the 8 year old you wasn't as smart as I had thought. Maybe Kittu was wrong about you.

"Art M'am says I can draw well. I'll sketch like this" ,you said pointing to Geeta Kaki's 100 Bridal mehendi designs page 10 under the Fair & lovely ad. "Then you will have pretty hands too" and you smile

I look uncertain but you hold my hand and begin without waiting for my answer.

*stay here and don't move, ok?
**why this?


Anonymous said...

I like!! So glad you sent it to me to aid with my bordom!! It is now a favourite!!

the One said...

That was rather good, you know. One awaits part two.

P.S. "Art Ma'am". Nice :)

Anonymous said...

The one( and only): Hey there. Thank you! I plan to have it up soon just need to find some time to type it up :).

DesertRose said...

This reminds me of the big circle and the Mehndi covered finger segments. Ammi's 'boring' Mehndi as I called it back then, staring hard and confused why it didn't have a flower...haha.
Thanks for the flashback Deepz!

Someone Somewhere said...

the expression of the emotions were perfect
i am in love with your posts :)

you linked me ???
i feel honoured
thank you

HB said...

I like how your words portray the perfect innocence of childhood

Tamanna said...

Me likey..It'd funny how u mention Kittu. That's my nickname.

Anonymous said...

Desertrose: Finally! Glad to see you found time to post a comment :P

Someone somewhere: As always, you flatter me !

Hb: I'm glad I could work up the innocence a bit. Memories can be good inspirations :)

Tamanna: Thank you. Looks like you got yourself a little role here unknowingly!

Chitrangada said...

Beautiful post deepali and with beautiful emotions..i really love this post...:)

Anonymous said...

Deepti: thanks :)