Saturday, December 24, 2005

Mehendi memories- Part 2

Mummy smiled when I showed her my new mehendi.

I ran to where Kittu was sitting- swinging her feet perched on the red chairs that had been set up earlier that day. "Pura Thumbs up piyogi?!*", I asked astonished. Mummy didn't allow us to be that lucky. She said we'd waste it but I thought she didn't understand how thirsty you can get when you drink that kind of thanda**. Lucky Kittu, I thought enviously.

"What do you think of this haan?", I said putting my hands under her nose. Kittu said it was bakwaas. But I didn't care. I didn't have to play with her anymore. So I just stuck out my tongue and ran off picking up my lehenga to not trip over it again.

I found you just in time to see the kids were playing hide -n-seek and that you were the denner. "Bhaago!***", we cried in a chorus, giggling as we snuck under tables covered with white tablecloths, chairs and those huge potted plants that lined the corners.

I hid myself behind an enormous pile of marigold garlands. Someone forgot them I think. So I sat behind them, huddled in a corner with knees hugged by my arms and legs drawn close to my chest. I thought I was so smart, as I waited to hear your footsteps.

"Game is over. Kunal was caught first.", he said smiling showing his batteesi****, " but you look like a kid like that", pointing to me.

" Kid?! YOU maybe a kid but not me. Besides, kid is the child of a goat, and my Mummy isn't a goat. Go see for yourself if you want. Kid-ha!", I said indignantly.

"Accha theek hai! Gussa mat ho na. Yeh lo*****" and he opened his hand.
"Dairy milk!!"

Then I didn't know I was a 7 year old chocoholic but he had pleased that huge side of me.

I don't remember what stories we made up that night as we tore the petals off the marigolds and made a fragrant heap of red and gold like autumn leaves. But we didn't know what autumn leaves were like then, we just waiting for my Mama to finally take rounds around the havan.

"Was the panditji late", we wondered. "Whatever else could be taking so long?", you said and then told me the story of a curious girl stuck in the strange world of talking rabbits and cards.

* You will drink the entire bottle of Thumbs Up?! [an Indian soft drink]
** thanda - cold drink [in this context]
*** run!
**** a hindi expression for a wide smile- battes = 32 hence showing all your teeth and smiling
*****ok Fine. do not be angry with me. Take this.

Update: Mehendi Memories Part 3


things you make me do said...

awaiting part 3

Anonymous said...

My dear - just for that you shall be a dear for now. :)

Tiny Black Cat said...

Kid?! YOU maybe a kid but not me. Besides, kid is the child of a goat, and my Mummy isn't a goat. Go see for yourself if you want. Kid-ha!"

ahh, retort worth applause.

myself, have never tried to wear a lehenga. can't imagine what i will end up as, if ever attempted to play hide-n-seek wearing one. doesn't look like something i'd enjoy imagining, either :P

Anonymous said...

Mandy: Welcome! I must say running,playing,hiding all with your lehenga intact is an art- with safety pins :)!

the One said...

Nice. You might want to explain "denner" too, if there are non-desi readers around.

DesertRose said...

"Batteesi"...this just cracked me up.
My 12 year old couzin and I just find that word deliriously hilarious.
I guess its one of those words that are just simply - funny, like 'phatphatiya' [believe it or not] for motorbike or 'lapaer' or 'chapat' for slap.
Only a true U.P.ite can absorb the true humor of such humorous humor.

Anonymous said...

The one and only: that would be a bit tricky to explain but ill see what I can come up with - just in case !

Desertrose: Batteesi reminds me of Statistics prof :P.

True UPites used to hang out together till someone ditched the other for the snootier province!

HB said...

thought i'd help...
denner = "it" at tag. i.e. the catcher

Anonymous said...

once again you have written beautifully and for whatever reason it has become my late night reads! haha....incase you are wondering who this is think of that girl who sat beside u in wgs!! Can't wait for the next part!!

Anonymous said...

HB: That nailed it. Couldn't think of it immediately. Thanks!

Anon: Hello again m'dear. Thanks !

rainbeau_peep said...

How u do it each time completely beats me. I thought i'd leave a comment for part 1, which i read ages back, btw, but couldn't. it was so overwhelmingly beautiful, nothing i had to say seemed enough to express how i felt. and then u've gone and done it all over again [although, to be very honest, part 1 remains my favourite]. Keep at it, girl, u have a rare talent!
And while we're at it, have a superb 2006!

Chitrangada said...

u r awesome n really a good writer u mremind me my childhood days ..:)

i added u as buddy in my blog ..i hope u don mind :)

Anonymous said...

Deepti: no worries at all. I linked you a while back :)

And thanks again :)