Tuesday, December 06, 2005


"Will they?", she asked God.

Head bowed, a few tears drizzled onto her clasped hands.

This distance, for how long? And what if....... . Those painful what ifs that she refused to entertain in her heart but her head loved to make them dance until her heart collapsed.They will be. They shall be. Not an if. But just a matter of when, she decided and looked up. The idols may not be on her side, she knew that. But she'd show them.

That night, as she watched the movie, she hoped it wouldn't be another Devdas. Somehow, another Devdas would have broken her heart, as though the screen was her life, playing out her story.

She watched with dismay as the scenes folded out and drifted the lovers further and further apart. "No!", she thought, "please don't let it be like this". It had a happy ending.

Maybe she'd have a happy ending too. She hoped the idols were listening.

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