Saturday, December 10, 2005

An attempt of sorts- for the first time. Like everything, this is also fiction/fiction-fact mix.


"I don't understand what her problem is", he fumed.

"I told her I was sorry. I didn't want to miss her birthday bash. But it was an emergency case for Christsake!"

Such is the life of a cardiac surgeon. Aren't you glad you didn't take up obstetrics?

"She said she couldn't believe I bought her a sapphire ring ......"

Sapphire as blue as the depths of an ocean. Sapphire like the ocean at night.

".... Didn't I know that her jyotishi had forbidden sapphires? ......"

Does he also forbid loving someone?

"I thought asking her at Lakeshore would have been perfect....... "

The velvety night, the diamonds in the sky, the lapping waves. It would have been perfect.

" .....but she said that a proposal needed glitz. GLITZ?! What the f*** did she want? CTV covering it live? ..."

and you like having your moments in privacy away from flashing lights and bright bulbs.

" Melanie had it. I couldn't believe she wanted what Mel had. Mel was horrified....."

and so were you.

".....Dad asked Rohit to propose to his daughter in front of 500 guests..."

you've both disliked that kind of attention. And crowds. Since grade 3.

" Rohit must've been mad..."

...madly in love. Mel is a darling.

" Heck Dad was mad....."

Good press is good for his empire. He's been saying it since you were 9 hun. Even I know it.

" How does it matter Liz?...."

How did Saloni become Liz? You still haven't told me.

" How does it matter if 500 people witnessed it?...." long as you two remember what its about .

" as long as we remember what this is about....."

" Why don't you keep spare ciggs anymore" , he said with a flick of annoyance.

Because it took you 3 years and 8 months to quit.

She shrugs.

" I thought she was the one Liz but I was wrong........ "

" Liz 4 years ........ and she's changed so much "

" Love sucks...."


" How do I even know if it is real and not an illusion we are made to believe in? ...... There is Mel and Rohit... but then you know .... "

I know. Its Mel. How can you not love Mel?

" but I see Dad and Mom, I see Nikhil and Sonam. There's Natz and Varun........."

Try looking closer to yourself.

"I don't think it even exists"

I think it does.

I know it does.


Anonymous said...

A very interesting piece.

hb said...

i like it. very 'grown up' sounding.

Anonymous said...

Anon and HB : Thanks :)

Z said...

It sounds great...very touchy n feely n I get the gists of it...But to b honest...I'm a bit lost when it comes to following the dialogue n thoughts :S...mayb it's the exam time blank...empty-headedness...:S...Z

Anonymous said...

Z: I'll try to clear it out for you the next time we talk. And hopefully you'll still like it :).

babelfish said...

I just read all your previous posts and I'm still in shock. I wish I could leave a coherent comment but right now I'm in a daze just wondering where you get your words from.

You have an incredible talent for writing.

Rach said...

I like many emotions...good going!

Anonymous said...

Babelfish: Coming from someone who writes good term papers, thats a lot! Thanks.

Rach: Thank you :)

Someone Somewhere said...

your writing still continues to amaze me!
i have only one thing left to say


Anonymous said...

someone somewhere: You flatter me too much:) Thanks once again !