Monday, May 29, 2006

Blue envelopes

There's no address to send to. Not anymore.
I didn't send them when I could have.

Blood has pooled in my feet, unable to push it back up, so heavy, this blood has become. But, it is right. It is right to not be able to move them. Ever.

Lavender walls. Lost summer green.

Embedded gems. Cold farsh.

Yellow,well loved. 25.

Medicine cabinet. Mombatti.
Boiled water. A copper jug.

Bakse. Khazana.

Kaanch ke kaidi. Teen.

Jaali. Shor.

Malai. Relief.

Lavender. Lost summers
Skeletal prison. Gales.


the wannabe indian punkster said...


Nahuatl said...

your blog. mystical.

Surabhi said...

hmmm..utterly lost..
this post seems very profound on the surface!

southpaw said...


vikRAM said...

probably an escape from life itself, self triggered.
blue to violet
i just wonder if there was anything inside 'ever'.

....R.A.J.A.... said...

aage se aisa kuchh likhna ho to saath mein ek ENGLISH/HINDI translation add karna

Anonymous said...

megha: :) you had disappeared!

nahuatl: your comment. very kind.

surabhi: haha thank you nonetheless but can't say if it really is profound :)

southpaw: :) just drop your hearing a few decibels lower and you might be in luck :D

vikram: it just 'never' got written down to be inside it 'ever'

raja: aapki ichcha anusar, humne hindi ke saare shabd angrezi mein likh diye hain. aasha hai isse aapki kuch sahayta ho payegi.


Anonymous said...

Translations as requested by Raja:

farsh= floor
mombatti= wax candle
bakse= boxes
khazana = treasure
kaanch = glass
kaidi = prisoners
jaali= [roughly] grill [used on windows and doors in India]
shor = noise thoughaccurate hindi word would be dhwani
malai= cream that floats in milk

....R.A.J.A.... said...

it's not the words, Dee. It's the theme which is Hebrew :-p

Anonymous said...

some of us like to talk in gibberish :P


chandni said...


Anonymous said...

chandni: thank you :)