Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sacred shrine

Torrents of a sacred river swished by violently. It's fluid raged against the pressure that had held them within.

They flowed away, like ungrateful offspring, leaving their nest without another glance. Leaving an aching parent. Rebelling against their oversheltered existence running away from their safe dwellings.

If only they knew, it wasn't them who had been in need for her.

He found a few pieces of glass as he stepped into the rushing waves. Turned them over in surprise-sharp razer edges gleaming in their viciousness.

He looked in horrified awe. How could they have stayed within this bulbous kindly sac, his eyes asked?

But you see, if he hadn't struck an axe to it, he'd never have found those pieces that caused so many sores.

Do you think he should keep striking till he has cleansed it of these shards of offensive blasted silica ?

It just might leave the sac as dry as a barren desert.


southpaw said...

And u spoke what we cudn't hear....

vikRAM said...

Brilliant piece. Took me some time to figure out whats going on, and I still might interpret it differently.

Nahuatl said...

I still cant hear :P

err... what?

Surabhi said...

i didn't get it...=(

Keshi said...

r u saying he's broken hearted?


confused said...

There was no need to put this...''his eyes asked''-ruined the fun!

Naw,,,, he should not. That would be the death of something precious...

I am not sure we need to cleanse ourselves of the past completely.....or remove the thorn which causes us pain..

Anonymous said...

soutpaw: :)

vikram: thank you. I'd have loved to have heard your interpretation. If you'd like to share just feel free to get in touch with me :)

Nahuatl: err. nothing at all :P

Surabhi: you know whom to ask though :D

Keshi: Nope. But not a bad guess.

Rohit: would it be? :)