Thursday, May 04, 2006

A is for ..........

She liked how the unbiased arms glided smoothly across her nooks and corners. Soft, warm and so refreshing.

Hot showers were like unconditional lovers ( or is it blinded lovers? She couldn't decide).

They seeped into every imperfection, every flattering feature and those forgetful parts that fetishists seemed to remember (for the knowledge one learns in a Freudian course must of course never be forgotten, if it ever canbe easy to not notice 3rd degree burns on your own body) .

She let the torrents of water oil her with their purity (that comes with chlorine you didn't ask for). But as the droplets clustered on her skin, as she dried them off, she remembered the hour-glass figure which didn't exist, if it ever did for anyone except Barbie.

It wasn't a lack of self-esteem. Hardly.

It was Annoyance.

Because the bevy of ______ girls had arrived to force down some of their 'advice' amidst courtesy and vulnerability that confused her.

But it shouldn't of course.

Insecurity comes in many packages.


confused said...

Good one!

''unbaised arms''-Are they completely unbiased? Though we agree that they are like blinded lovers.

And it should not confuse at least the girl with the hip on her hands.


the wannabe indian punkster said...

insecurity does come in many packages.

and who has a hourglass figure?

Even Barbie's figure is horribly skewed then.

Surabhi said...

amazing post! I can identify with it! =)

Anonymous said...

Rohit: :) Thank you PTB

Megha:Barbie has a horrendous figure in my opinion but so many people try to live upto something close.

Surabhi: shukriya :D

Sriram said...

Barbie is the single dumbest thing mankind created. if not THE dumbest, barbie deserves to be on the top :).. simply for causing hundreds of women to starve their butts off!

Yes, I HATE Barbie.

Anonymous said...

Sriram: you and I might have been friendly as children then. I didn't like barbies either.

I can't believe my ears when I hear grown up women say they'd like to be somethin like barbie. I guess I don't like the idea of being a cow on ant legs.

HB said...

I think the doll and reality were pretty different, atleast thats what i thought as a kid when i was playing with them. Though mostly i was just concerned with designing new clothes for them...which was difficult with the horribly skewed proportions of her body, haha. Good post. I found the language to be...hmm..maybe if i had to pick one word, sensual, and impactful.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

I remember cutting off the hair of the baribe I owned and making it very very short. and then I threw it away cos I didnt like playing with it anyway.

I was a lego kid through and through!

the wannabe indian punkster said...



that girl in pink said...

hear hear! insecurity does come in many packages. and thank god for that!

Anonymous said...

HB: oooh =D thank you

Megha: I wasn't a very toy-interested kid actually, though legos were way cooler than barbies any day

Pink: I smell some glee there :P

....R.A.J.A.... said...

LOVED it. more so for the excellent use of words. u r always precise and yet vivid

Anonymous said...

raja: :D thank you