Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Nazron ke teer mein"

These songs I hear-they're so young. I feel their dreams. I can catch whiffs of their hopes.

But we won't have that. Because we're busy living out what a cruel author had in mind.
Who'll make me ask myself one day, if losing all this was worth it?
And I already feel the doubt creep in.

The power, the freshness of youth. My skin tingles as these songs brush past and dance in the air around me. The young man's brazen deep, careless, loud, hollering note. I like it in a way you won't understand.

And I won't tell either.

Yes there is such a longing in these songs.

It's mine you know.


The Idiot said...

The longing or the song?

But the longing was always there, was it not? Maybe you can break out of the pre ordained script.

Give it a shot!


Sriram said...

That is provided you believe in a pre-ordained path or "Destiny". we don't. we believe our actions shape our world.. so, break out lil one.. do what you want to do..

and don't blame me for the results :P

CChris said...

The author is king...do what you wish and the script will adjust itself to mete out the same fate. Sounds like a loser attitude? Maybe just a believer attitude.

Nahuatl said...

What (kinda) song is that????? :P

Anonymous said...

Idiot: maybe maybe not :)

Sriram: but of course and we never clarified if we do or don't believe in that :)

CChris: P'haps but we never know till we give it a shot

Nahuatl: depends on why you want to know :P