Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lost matches

In a blink, she's sunk into those crevices you hadn't seen

No dear, do not hold up your hands in despair, for we knew you're helpless in the abyss that you're stuck in.

It's dark but it'll be darker still if you were to strike that match.

Here do take this kerchief and wipe those tears as we wave goodbye to those lips that will remain a shadow of her clan.

You really shouldn't be running after her.


Surabhi said...

nnniiiccce! =)
especially "Do not hold up your hands in despair, for we knew you're helpless in the abyss that you're stuck in."

Anonymous said...

Surabhi: thank you again :) exams done?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

especially when the light from the match goes out, it will be darker still and the agony will be more. Maybe its better to stay in the dark, if you were to experience light for only an instant no?

or not.

Sriram said...

some say an instant of light is just the thing you need in a world of darkness. If you look at it one way, the more you remain in the darkness without light, your eyes get used to the darkness (and so do you), while the briefest moment of light reminds you that there is indeed light.

OK. if that don't make sense, pliss to paardon

jhantu said...

On the fourth day GOd said now lets light a match and ket there be light--- and out popped adam and eve and the mush.
On the 5th day he again said mow for some darkness -- out popped that damn apple in the garden of eden!!

Anonymous said...

Megha: :)

Sriram: No pardons necessary we think :)

Me-jhantu-nahi-hoo: :)

vikRAM said...

I did not understand.
Can you please share the context?

I like it, I dont understand it and I like it. Amazing.

....R.A.J.A.... said...

yaar, mail mein samjhaa do :-(

Anonymous said...

Vikram: welcome back unless you were being a silent observer again :) new posts please? And thank you :)

raja: :)

vikRAM said...

thanks dee. I will try to post some, kuch mil nahi raha hai. I have been reading your posts.
I really would like to know the context though :).