Thursday, June 08, 2006

25 unlucky stairs

Clothed in black, we were brilliant.

Skinny, lithe, unlucky teen- truly.

Black shoes shining satin. Bony arms, muscles in the sprout. Midnight casually buttoned, loosely tucked in.

Thick fringes over pools of mischief. 25% of the sugar backboned staircase hadn't been climbed, not yet.

Our brilliance sparkled in the air. A snow globe- we were alone as backdrop dancers fell behind the curtains. The sparklers flew only under the winds of our feet.

Now stretched out in your soap sudded limestone tub, would you prefer to recline atop stapled notes of 100? It'll make a better display picture eh?

You asked me to the Towers. We were to twirl atop the city's highest. But the soap suds fell flat a while back. Jumping in won't freshen the stale water. The bubbles wouldn't be any clearer would they?
So I pulled plug. Get out of tub now Hotshot, the waters swirling already.

I couldn't make it to the Towers. The ballet shoes had to be packed right then.
Because you'd climbed the dreaded staircase.


HB said...

25% of the sugar backboned staircase hadn't been climbed, not yet.

bio influence? ;)

Anonymous said...

yayyy someone caught it=D

must be because i changed it from sugar staircase to backboned to be correct :|

Casablanca said...

Birthday or something? Sorry, moi is a leetal lost ;)

Anonymous said...

casa that's just a reference to the DNA structure which has a sugar backbone and it's usually described as a helical staircase.................... hence the 'bio influence' as HB said above!

Casablanca said...

Ah, no wonder I didnt try becoming a doctor. Accounting is bad enough for me ;)

Anonymous said...

naww it's not difficult but you'd have to be in/into bio to catch that nerdy reference anyway =D

accounting? mmmm that explains the travelling and jealousy =)