Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pollen for my hair, flowers you may keep

Dances and ice cream trucks
Breeze through dandelions
Bloodied cafeteria meals
Mardi gras presents

Flowing tresses
Lifting up their wings.
Living out
Their independence.

Ironed, noodled.
Double edged scissors.
Living out
Prisoned categories

But aren't we too old now, my friend?
We're too old.

Tears in my eyes
As a thorn pricks you
Anger in my voice
As another maims you

Prickly hugs
Shrugged away
For heavier loads
Are arriving anyway

Here, not one
but two baalish I say
We'll anchor
While you sway

Because we're old now, my friend
We're too old

Alone, they say
Those calm shoulders
Night befalls
Curtained black stars

Here let's not give up
We'll stay hidden
We're not alone
Such is our Dark Room

Whisper out to me
before the Denners seek
Mouth hushed comfort
Let creased palms meet.

Because we're not as old, my friend
Not as old


....R.A.J.A.... said...

abey, tu abhi bhi bachchi hai B-)

Keshi said...



HB said...

We'll anchor
While you sway

love those lines :)

Surabhi said...

baut sahi hai--it seems like it is 'real' again! Yet,you never know:deciphering fiction from facts IS infact difficult as established yesterday on MSN! =D

Anonymous said...

Buccha Bahadur,

Tears in my eyes
As a thorn pricks you
Anger in my voice
As another maims you

''pollen for my hair, flowers you may keep''


southpaw said...

Loved the title more than the write-up....

pravin said...

:) cute

Anonymous said...

and you will know what reality is

musafir said...

Nice piece this. Felt like you were bemoaning the passing away of carefree adolescence and brooding the arrival of "heavier loads", if I'm not wrong.

Liked this:

"Flowing tresses
Lifting up their wings.
Living out
Their independence."

Very visual and said a lot.

Tracked back from a comment you left on my blog.

PS: Was reading some of your 55-word stories - well written!

Deepali said...

raja: haan toh theek haina. bacchon se fir sneh se pesh aayen aap :P

keshi: gracias!

hb: :D

surabhi: haha but uncertainity isn't so bad now is it?

anon: requoting my lines? that doesn't count for a comment you know! just for that I won't talk to you now.

southpaw: ermm thank you?

pravin: that's a new one but thank you =)

anon #2: I do not like trolls. Especially when such rubbish is linked to.

Musafir:Welcome !

can't disagree with your analysis now can I :)?

and thanks =D

Anonymous said...

''just for that I won't talk to you now.''

:( No one talks to us anyways now. No one replies to us too.

We are sad.


Deepali said...

anon: jo on nahin aate hain unse kya telepathy se baat karen hum :X :X

the wannabe indian punkster said...


youre it.

Go to my blog for details and other stuff :)

chandni said...

:) nice Dee!

i cant even think of the stuff you write about!! :D

Deepali said...

megha: will begin work on it soon

chandni: thank you =)

starry nights said...

Just stopped to say hello from Southpaw's blog. love these lines.