Saturday, June 24, 2006

Meat shop incident

Her ankle length close fit denim skirt swished around her sharply cutting through the air as she ran.

No! Don't ! Don't! , she screamed.
No! Please, no!

She stopped the butcher's hand in midair. Hoping to wrestle the instrument with the evil glint out of her hands , away from the delicate strings.

The butcher pulled away her hands before she could wrench the knife.

I've told you this must be done!, she said with a stern glare.

But you can't! , she said as sticky fat hands grabbed her throat, pressing savagely at her adam's apple. Please! You know how much I need this! , as her voice rose an octave with desperation.

Do you really? That's what an unborn might say too till he's pulled out and breathes in without the cord. But he's forced to do it isn't he? Only then does he breathe on his own.

But how will I live? , as tears slid down her cheeks in rapid succession and leaped into nothingness off her sharply shaped chin.

You'll find the answers in due time child.What are you afraid of? You don't need a cord for bonds! she said and with an air of finality she butchered the strings.

She was on her own now.


Sriram said...

and the legacy continues?

Surabhi said...

oh my oh my! =O

southpaw said...

u really know how to weave words...dont u?:)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

sharply shaped chin

is that really a woman, or maybe Im missing the point by a mile.

Anonymous said...

sriram: who knows?

surabhi: is that good?

southpaw: :)

megha: a woman :)

Surabhi said...

amazing writing Dee! I still maintain though,I love mystery in general-but not in your posts! =D

Casablanca said...

How would you know whether you can breathe on your own, unless you give it a shot?

Anonymous said...

mmmm precisely Casa :)