Monday, June 05, 2006

Twilight Indian

Twilight Indian and I had an odd friendship.

We connected briefly. Until Twilight's sadness overtook our conversational space.

You see- I knew Twilight mingled and liked it on some level. But all I felt around him was a large pool of mosaic aqua hues, a giant spherical tear on an expanse of smooth white marble.

It didn't frighten me. It overwhelmed me. Stopped my chattering mouth at his sight.

I was 'fraid he'd know I knew about what he hid. So we shared silences, some awkward, some uncomfortable.

I thought he'd found out that I knew by then.

But he only said I was cold and unfeeling and left the get-together shaking his head.

Ours was a brief friendship.


southpaw said...

Everyone doesn't speaks or listen the unheard and unspoken things.

Nahuatl said...

Southpaw: u stole my words!! :))

We are humans, and it gets difficult when expectations rise between people.

Hope tht u don't judge ppl b4 putting urself in their place. :)

Anonymous said...

Southpaw: Then should they judge just as quickly? :)

Nahuatl: Expectations usually run both ways :)

Nahuatl said...

Then does it help, keeping the things to oneself n not opening up?

Anonymous said...

Why should it hinder? :)

southpaw said...

well thats what makes us human, look back maybe u must hv also done that even while staying mute...:)

Anonymous said...

Southpaw: :)

southpaw said...


Nahuatl said...

Well, its your choice to shut up and watch the drama leaving other person bewildered.
Then he will do what he will understand. Why blame him when you were a part of this?

Anonymous said...

nahuatl: A group of us spoke to him and his friends.

You're making assumptions now :).